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Interactive games

Ben Turner, PwC Sydney
Brett Fairbank, PwC Melbourne

Market definition

This segment breaks down consumer spending on video games by category, including PC, console, online and mobile. It excludes spending on the hardware used to play the games. Revenues from PC and console games are split by physical and digital.

PC games covers revenues from traditional, more complex PC games sales. The category includes sales revenues from retail and digital download stores (Steam and Origin) and additional
downloadable content.

The console category covers all revenues from playing games of any type on a games console (both in home and handheld). It includes game sales at retail, digital game sales, additional downloadable content (DLC) and subscription services.

Online gaming covers subscription to Massively Multiplayer Online (MMOs), free-to-play MMOs, casual games and social games.

Mobile gaming considers all revenues from playing games on a mobile device (tablet or mobile phone). It includes digital games sales, subscription services and associated virtual items, app-based social and casual gaming revenue.

For the second time we are including video games advertising revenues in the video games sector. Video games advertising comprises revenues from advertising built into games on any platform and access type including in-game advertising but excludes advertising delivered dynamically via the internet.

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For 11 E&M segments


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